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31. october 2015 at 14:40 | Ella

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Hi, my name is Nathan!

For a long time I was looking for an intersecting adult game, but didn’t find anything that I really like.
So I decided to create my own game!

«The Sex Machines»
It's an adult game, genres: Robot, fuck machines, light bdsm
In development for PC and VR (HTC Vive, OculusRift, MixedRealit) using UE4

Post-apocalyptic world.
You are a robot peacefully sleeping in a half-destroyed complex that once provided sex services.
For many years the complex hasn't had a single customer, but suddenly your sensors notice some movement.

• Several rooms
Piece by piece you will unlock new rooms, devices and game mechanics.
• Interactive environment
Various "boosters" add new sounds, animations and devices appearance.
• The Story mode
• The sandbox mode.
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